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Help! I’ve been rear-ended!

Help! I’ve been rear-ended!

By : on : November 22, 2015 comments : (Comments Off on Help! I’ve been rear-ended!)

It was a typical Wednesday for us at the office. I was treating patients, my wife and office manager Tova was organizing the schedule, sending the requests for payment from the insurance company, and filing the referrals from other providers. The phone rang and Tova said out loud “uh-oh, the school is calling”. Sure enough, our 3rd was apparently not over his virus and we were being asked to pick him up early from school. Tova gathered her belongings and left early, one of the benefits of working for yourself. About 5 minutes later Tova called to inform me that she was rear-ended while at a red light. I headed over immediately and Thankfully Tova seemed OK, but the car would need some work. The gentleman was cooperative and soon we had all the insurance information worked out. I asked Tova if she felt the need to go to the ER, and she assured me that she felt fine. Right.

Within the next 2 hours TOva was achy, had numbness and tingling town her arms and legs, a headache had formed, a bruise developed over her thorax, and she felt achy all over. Whiplash. I insisted that she have and X-ray and that she see her doctor the the next day.




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