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Does a DIY approach work for therapy?

Does a DIY approach work for therapy?

By : on : August 7, 2019 comments : (Comments Off on Does a DIY approach work for therapy?)

I will admit it, I am a do-it-yourself kind of guy.

When the starter on my 2002 Toyota Camry died, I decided that with the help of YouTube I could change the starter and save money on mechanic fees. Two hours and one lacerated right thumb later, I had a new starter installed. I proudly bragged to my wife, Tova, that I was as good as any mechanic. Tova is not one to be impressed easily, and she eyed my bandaged thumb and remarked that I could only change one more starter before my thumbs were out of commission for the season.

Of course, when I arrived at work the next day to treat patients I had to explain what happened. Someone pointed out that I may have saved $87.00 in labor, but I spent 2 hours of time which totaled $43.50 per hour. At the time I was earning $27.50 per hour as a physical therapist working for the well-respected TIRR Memorial Hermann treating neurological disorders. I had $76,000.00 in student debt and I was earning $57,000.00 a year with a doctorate in physical therapy. Every dollar was important, so I figured I had to work 3 hours to pay for the starter.

One day, a patient arrived to his session with me at therapy and proudly showed me his prosthetic leg that he fabricated in his workshop. This patient was an engineer and he decided that he could do a better job than the prosthetist in creating a prosthetic limb. I stared in disbelief at his wooden leg and asked him what he did not like about the light-weight, aluminum leg he had previously received from the prosthetist. The patient responded that he enjoyed the freedom of fixing his leg without the hassle of making an appointment and traveling to the prosthetist to have his leg worked on from time to time.

At that moment, I understood the “cost” of “do it yourself” people.

We are usually trying to gain control over a situation that can seem out of our hands and we are not comfortable with relying on someone else. Sometimes, we tell ourselves we are saving money or time, or worst- we are going to do a better job. This is mostly not true and any honest individual will admit that 8 out of 10 times the do it yourself project turned out “OK” or “pretty good”, but hardly ever will that person admit to doing as good a job as the professional or saving time in the process.

Bellaire Physical Therapy appreciates the DIY patient.

Bellaire PT provides rehabilitation and therapy for orthopedic and neurological disorders, whether for pediatric or adult patients and be it land therapy or aquatic therapy. We appreciate the DIY patient and will show you the most efficient exercises to manage your symptoms in a way that you can take control and rely on us less. Sometimes, it is just worth it to work with professionals. Most commercial insurance is accepted and we offer excellent rates for the uninsured. Give us a call 832-588-3552 or email me to see how we can help. 



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