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When To See a Physical Therapist after a Car Accident

A car accident can take many different forms, ranging from minor scratches and bruises to major injuries like concussions and spinal cord injuries. Most people who have been involved in a car accident will experience some degree of pain.

The Cost of DIY

I will admit it, I am a do-it-yourself kind of guy. When the starter on my 2002 Toyota Camry died, I decided that with the help of YouTube I could change the starter and save money on mechanic fees. Two hours and one lacerated right thumb later, I had a new starter...

Eight (8) foot and ankle exercises

Try these 8 exercises to help improve your foot or ankle pain.Follow the Link to Watch

Does Physical Therapy Help After an Acute Injury, or Should I Immobilize my Joint with a Brace ?

It can be difficult to think of your body as being made up of billions of individual cells each with its own nutrition needs, and more importantly, its own life cycle that eventually ends up in death. Think back to basic biology and you may recall that a group of...

Effects of Dry Needling on Shoulder, Arm, and Hand Pain Post CVA

Case Study: Effects of Dry Needling on Chronic Shoulder, Arm, and Hand Pain Post CVA JOSPT: A detailed description of the management of a unique clinical case, including relevant patient characteristics, examination, evaluation, diagnosis, and description of the...

HEP Scapular

The shoulder blade is the foundation support for the shoulder and proper movement is necessary to allow healthy pain free shoulder mobility. 1. Standing scapular retraction 2. Prone scapular retraction 3. Scapular clock 4. Thoracic extension mobilization

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Was His Pain Cancer?

A Cancer Rehabilitation Story Providing a dynamic diagnosis method part 2 In this second newsletter I would like to follow up with the interesting case that I shared with you last week. As a reminder, a new patient called for an appointment due to the onset of...

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Barefoot Running?

Barefoot versus shoe running: from the past to the present. Kaplan Y. Author information Abstract INTRODUCTION: Barefoot running is not a new concept, but relatively few people choose to engage in barefoot running on a regular basis. Despite the technological...

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Runners Program

Sports Med. 2014 Nov 18. [Epub ahead of print] The Effect of Footwear on Running Performance and Running Economy in Distance Runners. Fuller JT1, Bellenger CR, Thewlis D, Tsiros MD, Buckley JD. Author information Abstract BACKGROUND: The effect of footwear on running...

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Here are the hip exercises I would like you to begin with 1. Sidely Clams 2. Supine piriformis stretch 3. Supine bilateral bridging 4. Standing hamstring stair stretch

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Axillary Lymph Node Infection

The patient presented with shoulder blade and arm pain, had already been to the ER and was dismissed with pain medication. During the 15 minute screen I recommended he call his MD and suggest AB for an infection that likely resulted in a clogged lymph node. Pt...

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HEP Shoulder

There are 4 basic exercises to begin all shoulder strengthening programs. 1. Prone shoulder extension 2. Prone shoulder abduction below 90 deg with internal rotation 3. Sidely shoulder external rotation 4. Sidely shoulder flexion  

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HEP Knee

Here are the exercises I would like you to begin at home for your knee 1. Supine Quad set 2. Supine heel slides 3. supine SLR 4. Standing hamstring stretch 5. Prone quad stretch

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HEP Low Back

Here are the exercises I would like you to begin for your back 1. Supine LE rotation 2. Supine Double knees to chest 3. Supine Bilateral bridging 4. Posterior tilting

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