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Dr. Abraham Lieberman,

Dr. Abraham Lieberman, PT, DPT, CSST

Abraham Lieberman is a licensed doctor of physical therapy in the State of Texas specializing in neuromuscular and orthopedic interventions for patients through the lifespan. Having worked exclusively in neurology, orthopedics, geriatrics, and pediatrics, Dr. Lieberman has developed unique and effective physical therapy interventions especially tailored for each patient. Dr. Lieberman has lectured at a variety of institutions on the topics of rehabilitation, including at MD Anderson, and remains a national expert and consultant for complex multidisciplinary spinal and pelvic reconstruction rehabilitation as well as cervical torticollis.

Dr. Lieberman earned his undergraduate degrees at College of Staten Island, and his doctorate degree at Touro College in NYC after which he moved to Houston to continue his work as a physical therapist. A constant critic of the scientific literature, Dr. Lieberman earned the faculty research award and continues to review the latest and greatest peer-reviewed articles in his field to ensure that he is providing the absolute best for his patients. Dr. Abe, as he is affectionately called by his patients, has worked at MemorialHermann Sports Medicine and Rehab, TIRR MemorialHermann, Texas Orthopedic Hospital, Therapy Connections, Rehab Care, and STAMBUSH where he worked as a contract PT for numerous hospitals and private PT facilities. As in any industry, Abraham found considerable concerns in the physical therapy setting. For example, physical therapy treatments were often provided with outdated interventions that have been shown to be ineffective or inefficient. Patients would complain that they would just get comfortable with one therapist and would be switched to another therapists’ schedule, creating a disruption with the patients’ progress. Abraham observed that there were two groups of patients whom were greatly under-served; amputees and patients with back pain. Abraham opened STAR Spine Therapy and Amputee Rehabilitation, PLLC where he worked hard to develop unique and efficient physical therapy intervention for his patients, most of whom had PT previously with less than desirable outcomes. Within his first year of practicing in the private setting Abraham received requests from physicians and patients alike to extend his treatment style to the typical orthopedic patient.

Bellaire Physical Therapy has provided an opportunity for Dr. Lieberman to practice physical therapy with exceptional and ethical quality care. Dr. Lieberman reaches out to physicians whom are regarded by their patients as exceptional clinicians and whom want the best outcomes for their patients. Abraham offers complimentary opportunities to perform clinical rounds with the physician and provide educational opportunity to improve ones orthopedic and neurological screening skills. Bellaire PT has been very successful and is now expanding to provide full time pediatric physical therapy in a new expanded facility. My Kids Therapist is the pediatric section of Bellaire PT and new pediatric, orthopedic, and neuro therapists have joined the staff where they will be available to treat patients with the same bedside manner and expertise that patients have come to love at Bellaire PT.


Bellaire Physical Therapy, Houston, TX— Founder, Director of Rehabilitation


SPECIALTY: Private Practice notably for executives, professionals and dignitaries

  • Outpatient facility for orthopedic and neuromuscular conditions for patients throughout the lifespan; pediatric through geriatric, sports medicine to tumor resections of the brain and spine
  • Balancing the science and legality of direct access in Texas
  • Dry Needling, Alter G, Manual Therapy, Prosthetics and Orthotics, Genetic abnormalities and disorders

MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX — Consultant, Neurosurgery Rehabilitation


SPECIALTY: Pre- and post-spine surgery rehabilitative consultant

  • Development and training for non-surgical, pre-operative and post-operative physical therapy and rehabilitation for the patient experiencing spine tumor, spine instability, pain, and dysfunction due to resection, reconstruction, chemotherapy and radiation

STAR Spine Therapy & Amputee Rehabilitation, Houston, TX— Founder, Director of Rehabilitation


SPECIALTY: Complex diagnosis rehabilitation

  • Exclusive one-on-one sessions, outcomes-based therapy for patients with chronic conditions, multi-system surgical procedures, research-based and strong emphasis on education to create new habits

TIRR Memorial Hermann Inpatient Rehabilitation, Houston, TX— Physical Therapist

MAY 2011 – DECEMBER 2012

SPECIALTY: Neurological, amputee rehab, multiple systems dysfunction

  • Consistent per-diem PT for brain injury and spinal cord injury

Stambush Staffing, Houston, TX— Physical Therapist



  • Provide coverage at a variety of outpatient clinics and hospitals for a variety of diagnoses from post-operative to wound care

Rehab Care at Bayou Manor, Houston, TX— Physical Therapist

JANUARY 2011 – MARCH 2011

SPECIALTY: Geriatrics

  • Perform examination, evaluation, and treatment for patients in assisted living, IRA, and LTAC
  • Neurological and orthopedic diagnoses

Therapy Connections PC, Bellaire, TX— Physical Therapist


SPECIALTY: Pediatrics

  • Perform examination, evaluation, and treatment for infants through adolescents
  • Neurological, orthopedic, and developmental diagnoses

TIRR Memorial Hermann Outpatient Therapy and Rehabilitation, Houston, TX— Physical Therapist

NOVEMBER 2009 – MAY 2011

SPECIALTY: Neurological, amputee rehab, multiple systems dysfunction

  • Spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, ALS, GBS, multiple systems atrophy, CVA, TBI, ESRD, post-concussion syndrome, PTSD, quadrilateral amputees, vestibular rehabilitation, balance training, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, post-orthopedic surgical complications, pediatrics through geriatrics
  • Research liaison for the outpatient facility
  • Provided physical therapy coverage for TIRR Challenge and Project Victory, a community reintegration program for brain injury and returning veterans



Touro College School of Health Sciences, New York, NY — Doctor of Physical Therapy 2009

Touro College School of Health Sciences, New York, NY — Bachelor’s of Science 2006





Splinting for the hand therapist


Calming the Overactive brain


Radiology for the clinician in the outpatient setting


Current Concepts in Rehabilitation:

Total Knee Replacement, Rotator Cuff Repair, Congestive Heart Failure, Dementia, Autism, Cerebral Palsy through the lifespan, Congenital Amputation in the child and adult


Neuroimaging and Neurology


Dry Needling; Clinical Practice Guidelines


Return to Sports for the Overhead Athlete


Ethical Practice for the Physical Therapist


Direct Access in Physical Therapy


Normative: Correlation between grip strength and gait speed

Orthopedics: Differential diagnosis of low back pain due to necrotic lymphoma (Residents case problem)

Neurology: Conservative treatment for ulnar neuropathy using dry needling and manual therapy approach

Trauma: Conservative treatment for ulnar neuropathy following MVA and C2 fracture using exercise therapy

Cancer: Differential diagnosis of low back and hip pain due to avascular necrosis

Innovation: Invited guest lecturer at MD Anderson Cancer Center Neurosurgery Palliative Care Physician lunch lecture series on sacrum arthrokinematics and its effect on function, a pre- and post-surgical analysis

Head and Neck: Upper cervical dysfunctions presenting as TIA; a case report

Academic: Poster board presentation at APTA annual conference in Boston, MA for pediatric gait research – to be published

Pediatrics: Developed and submitted research article for peer review on effect of carrying a heavy backpack on the gait of school-aged children

Adolescent: Treatment of femoral shaft and clavicle fractures in an adolescent female, a bio-psychosocial approach; a case report

Geriatrics: Created and implemented in-service on transfers for direct support staff at nursing home

Cardiology: Provided in-service on heart rate recovery as a clinical tool

Amputation: Educated PTAs on proper stump wrapping for lower extremity amputations

Osteopathic: Presentation and in-service on sacral mechanics, dysfunction, and interdependence on the lumbar spine with McKenzie and M.E.T.

Education: Presentation on Functional Amputee Care, Treatment, and Safety (F.A.C.T.S.)


Available upon request


Annually featured at the International Spine Tumor Conference at MD Anderson Cancer Center. Presented research as featured guest speaker in 2011.

Nominated for Outstanding Clinical Educator Award by the University of St Augustine

Parkinson’s Foundation of Harris County Therapy Speaker

National Expert Spine Tumor Resection, Reconstruction, and Rehabilitation

SMP Medicare Fraud Volunteer

HFLA 2013 Recipient of Community Charity Award


TLC’s The Little Couple  

Jewish Herald Voice

Bellaire Buzz


American Red Cross  

American Heart Association

American Physical Therapy Association


Texas Physical Therapy Association

Clinical Instructor for University of St. Augustine


Posterior left upper trunk muscle resection secondary to sarcoma

Plastic surgery reconstruction of the spine using latissimus dorsi

Cervical spine C2 en bloc resection using anterior mandibular approach

Total sacrectomy: En bloc resection of the sacrum due to Cordoma

Total knee replacement

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Total ankle replacement

Total hip arthroplasty

Shoulder replacement

Rotator cuff repair


Weekly West University Place Parkinson’s exercise class

100+ consultation hours at prosthetic clinics, TIRR amputee clinic

Student Mentorship at high school career advisement

Drug rehab mentorship for teens at risk

Guest Lecturer YMCA

Houston Area Parkinson’s Society Speaker


15 + years healthcare management including assisted living facilities, group homes, SNF

15 + years Certified American Heart Association CPR and first-aid instructor

American Red Cross certified lifeguard

Documentation using: EON, Memorial Hermann, Cerner, Medent, ECLIPSE, Meditech, Redoc, Practice Fusion, and NueMD, as well as traditional paper notes






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