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Amputee Rehabilitation

Amputee Rehabilitation

Upper & Lower Limb Prosthetic Training

Rehabilitation for an amputee presents a unique set of physical and emotional challenges, especially when the procedure is unplanned or due to trauma.
We recognize the different physical and emotional stages that an amputee will progress through, as well as the unique attention required during each stage.  Initially, infection control is key to making sure the limb remains as healthy as possible, because proper healing is needed for a good prosthetic fitting.   Maintaining a good fitting should be monitored and addressed throughout the rehab process to ensure that optimal function is achieved.  Physical therapy is crucial to maximizing the function and benefits of the prosthesis.  We incorporate functional movement analysis to identify problem areas that need to be strengthened or stretched to optimize use of the prosthesis.  Our desire is to help each patient achieve their highest level of function at home, work, and at play.

The amputee rehab patients have successful outcomes with physical therapy and rehabilitation treatment at Bellaire Physical Therapy “Bellaire PT”. Located in the bellaire neighborhood of Houston TX. Call us at 832-588-3552, email our office manager at or complete the online form Here.


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