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Pediatric Physical Therapy

Pediatric Physical Therapy

Make My Kids Therapist, Your Kids Therapist.

My Kids Therapist is a unique one of a kind physical therapy facility that operates with the patients success in mind. Sessions are scheduled according to your childs’ needs, and we never spend more time than necessary. We will work with your insurance company or you can choose our private pay rates which are the most affordable in town.
At my kids therapist, we take pride in our research-based treatment approach and interactive training with the patients parents and caregivers. We are proud to be the only facility in town that has treated patients with unique genetic disorders such as Giant Axonal Neuropathy and some disorders that don’t have a name yet!

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My son was 6 months behind with his gross motor development. We were told by our pediatrician that it would take 6 months of therapy to catch up. After 3 sessions we have already gained 3 months! Dr. Lieberman is amazing! -Catherine S. baby-blocks

Jack injured his shoulder and elbow pitching little league games. We went to Baseball USA and did not see any results in over 3 months of rehab. After 4 weeks of sessions with Dr. Lieberman, we were on our way to pitching pain free!- Mary F.

We had tried chiropractic treatment and Arrosti, but Rachel still had calf pain during soccer and gym. One session of dry needling with Dr. Lieberman and she is nearly pain free!– James Q.

Abraham has helped our son make incredible progress in gross motor and fine motor skills. He takes the time to help us understand not only what is being done, but why he is doing it, and how we can replicate the efforts at home. More than this, he has become one of our most trusted advisors on our son’s development, and his affection for our son is clear. I would recommend Abraham to anyone! -Michael S. 
We were referred to Dr. Lieberman to help treat our son’s torticollis. He was very knowledgeable about the condition and how to treat it. When showing us how to do the home exercises he was very patient and thorough, making sure we understood how to perform them correctly. Explanations of the condition as well as the medical background of it were elaborated in a way so that we clearly understood in lay terms and never felt talked down to as you do with some medical professionals!
“After suffering from severe headaches and back pain for several years, I was treated by Dr. Lieberman. He successfully pinpointed the root of my pain and provided incredible relief through his treatments. He taught me several techniques to prevent future issues, most of which I employ on a daily basis. I have been to chiropractors and other physical therapists before and none have provided the degree of relief that Dr. Lieberman has. His treatment has drastically improved my quality of life. I highly recommend Dr. Lieberman.”

 Matti L.
My son had fractured his leg and would not weight-bear. One session with Abraham and he began to walk. What a relief! – F.V.
Our nanny held our daughter all the time. At 15 months she could not pull to stand. We were concerned about a neurological injury but 2 months of rehab with Dr. Lieberman and she is a healthy active toddler!


Our daughter had severe torticollis and we tried PT at the Texas Childrens Hospital. Our daughter simply cried each session and it was to no use. No progress was made. We began to see Abraham and we are so glad because her surgeon wanted to operate! – P. V.
“Both myself and my wife have been Dr. Lieberman’s patients on multiple occasions. He is very knowledgeable in his field, particularly regarding anatomy and specific exercises for various conditions. He has an outstanding manner with patients, is professional and thorough. He goes above and beyond to educate his patients regarding their conditions and to follow up with them. I recommend him without reservations. He has guided us with our daughter’s torticollis and later with hour son’s delay.”!
– David Z.
The Pediatric Physical Therapy patients have successful outcomes with physical therapy and rehabilitation treatment at Bellaire Physical Therapy “Bellaire PT”. Located in the bellaire neighborhood of Houston TX. Call us at 832-588-3552, email our office manager at or complete the online form Here.


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