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At Therapy SPOT – Bellaire we take our word very seriously. We will only refer you to a provider whom we have the utmost trust in and respect for. Below is a list of medical professionals or business that we feel comfortable referring our patients to. Please feel free to ask us about anyone on this list.

  • Dr. Uday Khosla- Nephrology
  • Dr. Adam Weglein- Non- surgical sports medicine
  • Dr. Marshall Frumin- Orthopedic surgeon
  • Dr. Marc Stock-podiatrist
  • Dr. Richard Waghalter – dentist
  • Associates in Medicine -internal medicine- Dr. Shari Rubin, Dr. Josh Septimus,  Dr. Timberly Gilford,
  • Dr. Shari Rubin, Dr. Josh Septimus, Dr. Timberly Gillford, Dr. Ronnie Sheena
  • Dr. Richard Jackson-VIP – general practice
  • Dr. Jerry Silverman, podiatric surgeon
  • Pediatrician- Dr. Alex Injac, Dr. Lara Finilla, Dr. David Cotler
  • Cardiology- Dr. Rubin
  • Rehumatology- Dr. Abigain Nieman
  • Orthotist-Hanger clinic
  • Prosthetist- Fred at Gulf Prosthetics, Stony at Hanger clinic
  • Neurology-Dr. Igor Churches
  • Neurosurgeon-
  • Opthamology- Dr. Malcom Mazo
  • Dr. Gloria Nemeroff, Audiology
  • Speech Therapy- Therapy Connections
  • Occupational therapy-
  • Dental- Dr. Austria

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