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Insurance Price Sheet

This list explains the cost of services. Your insurance company determines the amount of
money you need to pay us for physical therapy. Some insurance companies only pay enough
for 30 minutes, while others reimburse for 45 minutes. Some insurance companies even pay for
an hour of therapy. Please look for your fee agreement in your initial paperwork packet.


There are only 12 appointments available for each therapist per day. When you schedule your
appointment, that time slot is no longer available for anyone else. This prevents double
bookings which would result in the therapist treating you and another patient during the same
time slot. Because there is only one (1) patient per appointment slot, we apply a $45.00 no
show or cancellation fee to reduce the loss from a missed session. You may cancel 24 hours
before your appointment with no fee, or you may reschedule your appointment for another time
and day with no fee. We would like to see you for your session rather than charge a missed visit
fee, and we will be as accommodating as we can to make that happen.

Choosing a Therapist

Each of our therapists has unique skills, and we encourage you to request a particular PT for
your follow up appointments. Dr. Lieberman divides his time in the office by evaluating and
treating patients as well as providing mentorship to the other therapists to help develop
professional growth. Abraham would prefer to treat each patient, however, this would require
that he be at the office 150 hours a week. We prefer to have every 3rd visit scheduled with Dr.
Lieberman for treatment input.
Insurance will only allow for a re-evaluation every 30 days. If you wish to consult with Dr.
Lieberman, a $50 fee is charged in addition to your co-pay or co-insurance. Insurance does not
reimburse for consultations between evaluations.

Treatment Style

Every physical therapy facility has a “style.” Bellaire PT’s style is to conduct a thorough
evaluation to determine the cause of your problem and to create a high quality and evidenced
based plan of care to help you meet your goals. Our treatment sessions are 45 minutes long
and this does not include any modalities such as ice or heat, TENS, or ultrasound. Initially we
will introduce you to corrective exercises and we will build a home program for you so you can
perform these on your on your own, and we will use our subsequent clinic time to provide
manual therapy, manipulation, dry needling, re-education, gait training, and functional training.
Our aim is to use our time together in the office to advance and correct your program, so you
will need to perform your exercises at home or the gym. However, that is up to you. The better
you keep to your program, the better you will do with your recovery!

Photo Release

We ask you to consider allowing us to use your image for the purpose of education or
marketing. Please sign our waiver if you give consent.

PT Ratings and Online Review

We depend on you to tell us how we are doing. Please rate your therapist after every session.
We encourage you to leave positive reviews on Google or Yelp for others to benefit. Please
mention your review, and we will have a small gift ready for you to enjoy as a token of our
appreciation for your time.

Billing and Collections

We use a billing and collections company to manage our financial intake. Please accept our
apologies in advance if you receive an invoice or bill that is different from what you expected.
Don’t get excited or upset! This is usually an error, or a delay in your account being updated.
Please talk to us if you have any questions or concerns.


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