Address: 6708 Ferris Street Bellaire, TX 77401 | Hours: Mon - Thur: 7:30am - 7:30pm | Fri: 7:00am - 5:00pm

Welcome PT Students!

We are so glad you have chosen Ballaire PT as a facility to complete your internship/fellowship. Of course, the alternative is that you were forced to come here because all the good places were taken by the top students who get first dibs. What’s that you say? You are one of the top students? Oh, well that must mean that we are one of the good places to intern! Well, then. Now that we have established that you are a top student and that we are a good facility, allow us to prepare you for your affiliation with us.

Who we are

We are an outpatient physical therapy private practice facility with a unique patient population. We treat patients just days old and patients well into their 90’s. Our patients might have rare genetic disorders, complex neurological diagnoses, or simple orthopedic injuries. We have patients with Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, stroke, and brain tumors. Some of our patients have had complete pelvic reconstruction due to rare cancers. Patients come to see us from all around the globe. They might be judges, lawyers, physicians, competing athletes, news anchors, teachers, engineers, mothers, and celebrities. What’s the point? All patients are treated with the same degree of respect, privacy, and integrity.

What we do

We begin to provide the best possible care by listening well at our first visit with a patient. We ask questions and show empathy. We show that we care. We try to get to know our patients so that we can better help them. We want to understand their social environment, living situation, education level and cultural views in addition to their medical history, injury details, and reimbursement responsibility. We perform a thorough examination and thoughtful evaluation, and we provide a detailed plan of care. We educate, explain, and review. We apologize for poor communication, respectfully request confirmation of understanding, and demonstrate as needed. We give hands-on feedback, varying methods of exercise instruction, and follow-up with patients even after sessions have stopped.

Who we are NOT and What we do NOT do

We are NOT a high-volume outpatient ortho clinic that focuses on high reimbursement made possible by assigning patients “busy work” on exercise machines. We do NOT perform useless modalities such as ultrasound and e-stim. We do NOT lie to anyone to make us look good or smart. We do NOT make fun of or joke about politics or religion. We do NOT discuss sensitive information in public.

What to wear

We may provide you with 1-2 Bellaire PT polo shirts upon your arrival. We ask that you please wear this shirt to work and that you select appropriate style slacks/skirt along with closed toe shoes or sneakers (tennis shoes) while you are on work time. Please feel free to ask us if you have anything specific in mind that you are unsure about. Please do not wear heavy cologne or perfume. We ask that you be mindful of your personal hygiene, as we are very hands-on with our patients and don’t want to offend anyone with distasteful odors. Please do not wear excessive or flashy jewelry, and please do not present to work with exposed body piercings or tattoos. Please silence your phone at the beginning of the day and leave it with your belongings. We ask that you be considerate of the cultural norms in Houston, TX and specifically in the City of Bellaire. Again, if you are unsure about something, please ask us. We are happy to help!

When you show up and how to communicate

Please schedule yourself to arrive at work 10 minutes prior to your first patient. This will allow you to change your clothes, use the restroom to freshen up, and plan your day. Please share your thoughts and feelings with us at any time. We know that there are many different personality types, numerous learning styles, and a variety of temperaments. Doctors Lieberman, Carbajal, and Wichman care deeply about providing the best possible internship for you, and this includes having open lines of communication. We want you to have fun while you learn. We want you to shout, “Gee golly! This here Bellaire PT is the best darnedest facility around! I am sure glad I was sent here after all!” Then we’ll all break into a hippity-hop line dance.
We are open Monday and Wednesday 8am-8pm, Tuesday and Thursday 10am-7pm, and Friday 8am-4pm. You will have adjusted hours so that you will not put in more than 40 hours per week at our facility. You can feel free to use the gym after hours, but keep in mind that we don’t have any showers.

There is free parking on the 6th and 7th floor of the garage behind the building. Any spot is yours for the taking on a first come basis.

Looking forward to working with you!


Welcome to Bellaire PT - Your Last Stop for Rehabilitation