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Creating a home exercise program or HEP can be the difference between a successful rehabilitation experience and a waste of time and money. All too often patients are handed printouts that include pictures and written instructions that do not truly reflect the exercise performed in the clinic and let us not forget the multitudes of patients whom do not receive any home instruction at all. There are many exercise programs available on the internet for PTs to choose from to create a custom program for patients in rehabilitation and the truth is that many are in fact quite good. The problem lies with the instruction, the details, and the explanation.

When a physical therapist designs a program for a patient, there are several factors to take into consideration


  1. Patient motivation
  2. Exercise experience
  3. Athletic history
  4. Cognitive concerns
  5. Memory
  1. Visual impairments
  2. Motor Morons
  3. Home environment
  4. Available equipment
  5. Assistance needed


At Therapy SPOT – Bellaire we take the time to design your program based on the exercise you can perform well without cues or correction in the clinic. If a patient cannot demonstrate the exercise without correction then the patient is not ready for that exercise at home alone. If a patient has the “athletic mindset” of “more is better” or “no pain no gain” a strong emphasis is placed on dosage. Abraham, Becca, and Tamar and our other staff take time every session to review the HEP and no new exercise is prescribed without demonstrating proficiency.

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