Tova Lieberman

Mrs. Tova Lieberman

Office Manager

Bellaire PT is fortunate to have Mrs. Tova Lieberman as the office manager, billing specialist, scheduling supervisor, customer service representative, tech support liaison, and purchasing administrator. Tova was educated at Montclair State University and graduated in 2005 with her BA in nutrition science. After working as a clinician in an LTAC and Assisted living facility, Tova took leave from her work as a nutritionist to care for her first child and gradually returned to the workforce as an admission assistant for a large seminary in Lakewood New Jersey. Tova performed so well that she was asked to return during admission session for the next 6 semesters.

Tova worked for TIRR Memorial Hermann as an administrative assistant in Project Victory, a program for returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan in 2010. Additionally Tova was trained by the prestigious USA medical billing program. Tova is committed to honest and efficient billing and eliminates any questionable charges before they are billed to the insurance or patient. Tova manages each patients’ account and acts as an advocate for the patient, to encourage insurance payment on behalf of the patient so as not to burden the patient with a bill for services.

Tova is considering a return to the clinical arena by offering limited nutrition counseling to select patients.

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