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Neurological Rehabilitation

Stroke, Spinal Cord Injury, Brain Injury

Neurological Rehabilitation is a complex process designed to empower a patient to recover from an injury to the nervous system.  We work to help each patient regain the highest level of independence by improving functional use of the affected areas.  Treatment sessions are customized based on the specific needs and functional deficits of the patient.  This ensures each deficit is appropriately addressed in order to achieve the best recovery possible.

We believe patient and family education is crucial to the overall success and recovery when working to overcome a neurological injury.  Building a good relationship through education with the patient and family members is a key component of our treatments.  Our approach equips the patient to make progress outside of the clinic, while making greater steps forward during their One-on-One treatment sessions.  We focus on the following items that are crucial to achieving higher levels of independence. 


Transfer Training


Mobility skills


Balance retraining


Gait analysis, gait training


Neuromuscular retraining and strengthening


Orthoses consultations


Activities of daily living such as home management and safety training

Ultimately, our desire for the patient with a neurological injury is to improve their quality of life and return to their daily routine with minimal deficits.  By focusing on these elements, we provide a program and an environment where higher outcomes are achievable.

Please visit the National Institute for Neurological Disorders and Strokes for more information regarding specific conditions.

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