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Post-Operative Rehab

Post operative rehabilitation is the most common reason to seek PT in the United States of America. There are over 500,000 total knee replacements performed each year in the USA with over 300,000 of the surgeries provided for patients over the age of 60. Although total shoulder replacements are much less common and usually reserved for patient whom have had traumatic injury, post operative rehabilitation is an integral and necessary part of returning to life with the best outcomes. Outcomes include no pain, no restrictions with daily living tasks, good confidence, normal movements, and safe efficient mobility.

While some surgeons may suggest that you seek care from a specific PT, it is illegal to restrict a patient from seeking care from the therapist of your choice. Your doctor should offer you 2 or more options for therapy and both should accept your insurance. If you choose to seek care from a non-participating provider then be certain you understand your cost before the session and have the patient amount due in writing. You may have already met your deductible for your insurance and it would be a shame to lose the benefits that your health insurance offers you by seeking care from an out of network provider.

In the event that you have had a complicated surgery such as tumor resection, trauma repair, or anything of that sort, you may want to seek rehab from a PT who has experience with your type of surgical procedure. As an example, I am an expert on total sacrectomy, a complicated procedure that is performed under 50 times year in the United states due to rare cancer. Some of these patients that I have treated had plans that I was out of network for. Nevertheless, the patient chose to work with me due to the complex nature of the surgery and specific rehab interventions.

Whatever your surgery may be: total shoulder or rotator cuff repair; Total hip replacement or arthroscopic knee surgery; Laminectomy or fracture stabilization; give us a call to see if we can help. At Therapy SPOT – Bellaire our goal is to get you back to life faster, better and less expensive than the competition.

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