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Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills refer to skills that require small, precise movements of the hands and fingers. They include all hand-related activities and skills, from strength and coordination to distal motor control. Fine motor skills involve the ability to use age-appropriate grasp patterns in order to complete age-appropriate skills. These skills are used throughout the day across all environments, including home, school, and community. (See below for specific activities.) Children may experience challenges with participation in fine motor activities for various reasons, which your occupational therapist is trained to assess and address.

Here are some common age related fine motor skills:

InfantsToddlers Preschool School-AgePre-Teen
Swat at hanging toysBuild with blocksButtonwriteHair styling
Reach for toysOpen/close containersZipperTie shoesShave
Transfer toys between handsTurn book pagesLacing and SewingManipulate arts and crafts materialsEffective computer use
PointUse utensilsBeadingThrow/catch ball from 5-10 feet awayTyping
Clap Cut and Glue  
Wave Color  



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