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Mary Demars – Patient Testimony

In the beginning, my vertigo was so out of control.  I felt as though walls were pressing in on me at all times. My head felt like it had a balloon inside that felt like someone was constantly thumping the balloon. While standing for any length of time, I felt the need to hold on to something stationary.  I just didn’t feel confident, especially with other people nearby.   Walking was rather tricky as my depth perception was not very clear.  When walking through a crowd I would have to hold on to someone’s arm.  I always felt  self conscious of my awkwardness.

At first I was very skeptical as I had no idea that Physical Therapy was a possibility.  After what they would call “tests,” I wondered about the outcome and where would we go from there.  So in the process of the exercises given, I once again thought this was rather silly.  I trusted they had the best training and such. After all, that is why I was referred to this clinic.  The best thing I could do is to give it my all.  I just wanted relief from vertigo!  The staff that lead me through the process was extremely kind and helpful. The facility is nice and bright and inviting.  I felt very comfortable working with everyone. I always looked forward to each of my appointments.

I was given several eye exercises to do each day at home. A couple of the exercises: 1) while listening to a metronome, hold my thumb up at an arm’s length in front of me, while keeping my eye on my thumb, turn my head back and forth in time of the metronome tics.  2) with the metronome, turn my head left and right while my thumb would cross to the opposite side in which my head was turned, keeping my eyes on my thumb as it would cross my body. ( eyes look right while my face is turned left, back and forth with the tic of the metronome.). I did some standing exercises that I had to do while standing on an unstable surface and performing the eye exercises.

In a progressive manner, I felt that each time I would go to PT,  I had noticed a substantial improvement.  My head felt clear and my body stable.  I continue the home exercises just to prevent a reoccurrence of that dreaded vertigo.  I, too, was very amazed and shocked at how well the procedure in which they worked with me could be so effective.

I am so thankful for the Doctors who gave their undivided attention while helping me.

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