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Posture Retraining


How important is my posture?

  • Poor posture has been shown to be a predictor of low back pain in children 11 years old (Dejanovic 2014)
  • Posture has been shown to affect breathing capacity (Price K, Schartz P, Watson AH. The effect of standing and sitting postures on breathing in brass players. SpringerPlus 2014;3:210. doi:10.1186/2193-1801-3-210.)
  • Posture has been shown to have an impact on headache occurrence (Farmer, 2014)
  • Posture has been shown to impact TMJ or jaw pain and dysfunction (Neurologic Clinics, Volume 32, Issue 2, May 2014, Pages 525-537
    Steven B. Graff-Radford, Jennifer P. Bassiur)
  • Posture has been shown to contribute to shoulder pain and RTC dysfunction (Han, 2014)

We all know that posture is an important part of life.  I often chuckle at the sight of my patients straighten up or looking up as they attempt to improve their posture as they walk into my office. Posture is often thought of as the position of your body as a whole. In truth, posture can be applied to any single body part or multiple body parts. A common condition called forward head posture (FHP) contributes to an incredible amount of repetitive injuries, such as rotator cuff (RTC) tears of the shoulder, headaches, back pain, breathing impairments, and so on. At Therapy SPOT – Bellaire, we take the time to educate our patients about the importance of posture. This education does not end with words, rather we demonstrate proper form and assist the patient with attaining the correct posture. I’ve had the privilege of working with patients whom have had radical neck dissections, multiple level internal fixations at the cervical and thoracic spine, as well as tumor resections and we have seen great progress with these patients when it comes to posture.

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