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Therapeutic Exercise

is essential to regain strength and mobility for recovery from any problem.

Whether you are working to reduce pain, improve function, or recovering from a surgery, we have the expertise you need to move forward.

Many of our aches and pains arise from muscle imbalances that result in painful or dysfunctional movement patterns.  Restoring normal pain-free movement will require specific therapeutic exercises designed to restore proper muscle balances.  While we advocate exercising at a gym, learning proper workout techniques, and getting stronger, we also want to make sure you are not making your problems worse.  Without taking steps to ensure proper muscle balances are understood and restored, you may be worsening the imbalance and complicating your musculoskeletal problems.  The result is an overuse injury that could require surgery, unless properly addressed in a timely fashion by a physical therapist.

In the cases where surgery is required, muscle imbalances are even more significant, and poor muscle function is to be expected.  Protecting the surgeon’s work and regaining strength to achieve proper movement are of utmost importance.  Learning the correct exercises to restore normal function should be equally important, which is why you should pursue post-surgery rehab with a doctor of physical therapy.

When exercise is performed for a specific purpose, such as to reduce pain or increase range of motion, then exercise is called therapeutic. The very same exercise can be performed in a non-therapeutic manner if the exercise is not being performed correctly or efficiently. When working with a therapist be sure you are receiving the correct feedback so that you can truly benefit from PT.

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