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Pain and Function; Can One Exist Without the Other?

What moves you?

Muscles move you. The purpose of your muscles is to move your skeleton. Muscles accomplish movement by attaching to 2 bones, and usually, a joint or 2 exists between the two ends of the muscles. The Muscle anchors off one bone and pulls the other bone by shortening its length.

Can movement occur without muscles?

Yes, passive movement.
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It is important to have as much movement without pain as possible, and that means limiting your pain when pain is inevitable.

Sometimes the brain expects a body part to hurt and therefore it guards the body part by restricting movement. The very muscles that are injured are being asked to tighten to prevent movement and that causes pain. Therefore the brain must relax (that means you) and then the body part can be moved with less pain.

Pulleys allow you to passively move your shoulder in a variety of directions.

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Heel slides with a strap allow you to move the knee passively.

Heel Slides

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