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Patient Testimonial- Dry needling To Treat Shoulder Pain

Patient Description: A mid 30’s active otherwise healthy female

For years I have had a dull pain under my left shoulder blade and I lived with it. But after a red-eye flight recently, I woke up with a much more severe pain under that shoulder blade.  It was bad enough that I called my primary care physician.  Her colleague saw me and prescribed a muscle relaxant.  I tried them for two days before I gave up because I didn’t like the way they made me feel.  I then had acupuncture performed three times before I stopped going because I was spending a lot of money and not feeling better. I visited a myofascial masseuse four times who relieved some of the tightness, but not all.  I revisited my primary care physician for an annual and described how my pain continued, so she referred me to Dr. Lieberman. 

Dr. Lieberman performed dry needling and prescribed stretches and exercises.  The dry needling resulted in relief from a lot of the pain within days.  The exercises and stretches help with the rest of the pain over the next several weeks.  After trying so many alternative treatments and not experiencing positive results, I am so grateful for the care and techniques provided by Dr. Lieberman.  All of my questions were answered with enthusiasm and detail. In addition to providing good care, the office is a really fun and vibrant place to visit. I wish more people who suffer from chronic pain could find relief through dry needling the way I did.

This patient was extremely compliant with her exercises and was a pleasure to work with!-Abraham

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