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Orthopedic and Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Physical therapy evaluation and rehabilitation in Houston Texas for orthopedic conditions by licensed physical therapists only.

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Finding a specialized Physical Therapist to address your pain symptoms and injuries should be a priority for any orthopedic problem.  The fastest results will be achieved with early intervention by a specialized Physical Therapist who can effectively treat the main problem as well as contributing dysfunctions.  Early intervention is the key to returning to your previous level of function and performance.  Putting off conservative treatment often leads to more painful chronic conditions that become difficult to treat.  The advantage of seeking out a specialized Physical Therapist is to ensure that contributing dysfunctions are addressed as well as the main problem.  Oversight of these contributing dysfunctions will result in an incomplete recovery and a greater probability of recurrent pain or further injury.  Please see below to read more about the conditions listed. This page is a work in progress so not all conditions will have related links.

neckNeck and Back:
  Stenosis, Disc bulge or herniation, Nerve impingement, Sharp pain, Pulling/stretching pain,      Radiating pain, Trigger points, Stiffness, Arthritis, Tension head aches, Post-surgery rehab (fusion,  laminectomy, discectomy, tumor resection, etc.).

Please click here to complete the disability questionnaire for  neck pain.

rotator-cuff-anatomyShoulder:  Rotator cuff dysfunction, Scapular pain, Impingement symptoms, Painful lifting, Radiating pain,  Stiffness, Weakness, Arthritis, Post surgery rehab (rotator cuff repair, labral repair – SLAP or LABRAL tear,   shoulder joint replacement, fracture fixation, etc.)

Elbow: Golfers elbow, tennis elbow, fractures, carpal tunnel syndrome, ulnar collateral ligament injury, medial apophysitis,cubital tunnel syndrome

Please click here to complete the disability questionnaire for the shoulder or elbow

sciatica Hip:
  Osteoarthritis, Stiffness, Radiating pain, Weakness, Total hip replacement, Bursitis, Pain with  walking/running, Acetabular labrum impingement, Post-surgery rehab (hip fracture fixation, total  or partial joint replacement, tumor resection, labral repair or resection, etc.)

 Knee:  Aching pain, Sharp pain, Meniscal injury or tear, Osteoarthritis, Stiffness, Total knee  replacement, Patellar tendonitis, Patellar-femoral pain syndrome, IT Band dysfunction, Post- surgery rehab (meniscal debridement or repair, ACL repair, total joint replacement, fracture  fixation, etc.)

Please click here to complete the disability questionnaire for the hip or knee


AnkleAnkle/Foot:  Pain with walking or running, Sprained ankle – ligament partial tears, Chronic ankle instability, Radiating pain, Plantar fasciitis, Post-surgery rehab (Achilles tendon repair, bone spur removal, fracture fixation, etc).

Read more about foot and ankle here 

Please click here to complete the disability questionnaire for the ankle/foot

These orthopedic problems have successful outcomes with physical therapy and rehabilitation treatment at Therapy SPOT – Bellaire “Therapy SPOT – Bellaire”. Located in the bellaire neighborhood of Houston TX. Call us at 832-588-3552, email our office manager at [email protected] or complete the online form Here.


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