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Visual-Motor and
Visual-Perceptual Skills

Visual-motor skills are the ability of the eye muscles to work effectively to take in the visual information from the world around us. The processing of that visual information is referred to as “visual perception.”

Children who experience challenges in the areas of visual motor and visual perceptual skills may present with difficulty reading, sustaining eye contact, and finding items in a crowded drawer. In school, these students may find it hard to switch their focus from an open textbook on the desk to the blackboard at the front of the classroom. Parents may also find that at home, their child may have a hard time playing games or doing activities such as mazes, word finds, hidden pictures, and “I Spy” games.

Occupational Therapy will help your child improve visual-motor and perception skills for increased functional participation in age-appropriate home, school, and community activities. Underlying skills including tracking, eye teaming, foreground/background, visual recognition, discrimination, form constancy, and visual closure will be addressed.

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