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You get what you pay for. Sometimes.

You get what you pay for.

A friend of mine once said “ Good, Fast, cheap. Pick two, but it will never be all three”. I have found this advice to be spot on. Therapy SPOT – Bellaire has really grown over the past 8 years. I had to research installing wall mirrors for our new gym area. As Stan Lee famously wrote “with great power comes great responsibility” and I was not tasked with the job of arranging to have mirrors installed along the back wall of our Therapy SPOT – Bellaire facility. Now that we offer occupational and aquatic therapy for orthopedic and neurological treatment, we had to update our gym to create the proper gym to treat children with sensory disorders, and kids with ADHD who require more space to move around during the therapy session. Our full-time OT, Chani Stewart, OTR and I both believe in having the pediatric patients parent present during therapy so that we can teach the caregivers how to repeat the occupation and physical therapy intervention at home.

So, in my search for mirrors, I discovered there was a wide range of cost for 25 feet of walled mirror. One place I looked at quoted me $3000.00 just for the mirrors and that did not even include installation. Another location offered $2500.00 for the whole job. Finally, I found someone online who was going to charge me $1500.00.

Well, you already know what happened.

At least you can guess how it ended. I gave the guy half up-front to buy the mirrors and he promised to be back after the weekend to install the mirrors. On Monday evening as I was closing up our clinic at 7:00 pm, I sent the guy a message apologizing if I missed his call. He replied he would be by the next weekend so as “not to disturb our business activity”. I reminded him that we were looking forward to having the mirrors installed that day, and I asked him what time he could be by the next day. Tuesday afternoon this guy shows up with 4 of the 5 glass pieces he promised. He started off right way with a story about how one of his pieces cracked and that I would have to buy another piece. Well, to make a long story and bit shorter, I very politely asked him to be considerate in how he placed the 5th mirror to minimize the visible damage to the mirror. As I said, you get what you pay for. Good, fast, cheap. In this case, I’m not sure any of those turned out true. 

When looking for rehabilitation or therapy for orthopedic or neurological disorders, whether for pediatric or adult patients and be it land therapy or aquatic therapy, Therapy SPOT – Bellaire will provide good and fast treatment. Most commercial insurance is accepted and we offer excellent rates for the uninsured. Give us a call 832-588-3552 or email me [email protected] to see how we can help. You can fill out a new patient form here!

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